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Updated: Sep 13, 2021


I'm going to start this blog off by saying How crazy is the world right now? Farm life is very different for us Herberts in lockdown. Thanks to the world epidemic of COVID-19 and don't forget the dramatic flooding earlier in the year. We are all doing our bit and trying our best to adjust to the new lifestyle, but also fix what damage has been done from the river seven which sadly did effect our beautiful farm. However what a more fitting time than to write about our the adventures on the farm and what we got up to during these past months and let me tell you WE HAVE NOT BEEN BORED!


The start of a new season sees the Farm get into its stride as Spring gives way to Summer and dew soaked mornings, long evenings and sunny days become the norm. It’s also time for us to get ourselves ship shape and ready to go with plenty of work going into our trees, hedgerows and lawns. This year they needed more care than ever with the river seven bringing us the delightful washed up presents of rubbish, extra trees and a lot of mud! We’ve been busy with the saw too and even made room for our fisherman on the riverbank, clearing brash and brambles around the pegs.


As if Coombys Farm hasn't been keeping us busy enough! WE HAVE NEW LAMBS! A lot of jumping lambs around the farm always keeping us on our toes especially when its dinner time!

It’s also the time of year we see our lambs fatten and the ewes get a fresh new haircut courtesy of our local shearer.


Summer is the height of life on the Farm and each year brings plenty of challenges, hard work and long days but it’s something we’ve done and LOVED! for four generations now and we wouldn’t have it any other way 

With holiday season around the corner we’re beginning to think about our busy Saturdays mornings with the changeovers of the holidays! Having to make a little change we have been undefeted. The corona virus hasn't stopped us from getting it perfect for all our customers.

Our lodges have been in for a treat with sanding, fixing any damage from the weather and to finish off its had a fresh coat of stain and is now looking brand spanking new again! Maintience doesn't just happen on the outside the lodges they have some loving on the inside to. With the big deep clean and revamp to make it that home from home destination everyone loves coming to. With all these jobs it sees the lodges through for another year and all in all the valley is pretty full of life by now with walkers, cyclists and holidaymakers taking in the beautiful summer views, river and fresh air once again when lockdown is over.

We can't wait to "socially distance" see you all soon. 

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